Seminario Internacional. Olivier Harismendy: “Evolution and characterization of carboplatin resistance at single cell resolution”.

Dr. Olivier Harismendy
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Informatics
School of Medicine
University of California San Diego

Dr. Harismendy leads the Oncogenomics laboratory at Moores Cancer Center and his main interest is the development of genomics assays and computational analysis for personalized cancer care. In the past 15 years, Dr Harismendy’s research has contributed to the understanding of transcriptional regulation and the role of regulatory variation in human diseases. He has developed methods to characterize the molecular and cellular heterogeneity of tumors. He currently studies the contribution of epigenetic and genetic variations to cancer susceptibility, progression and development of drug resistance.




Dra. Katherine Marcelain
Departamento de Oncología Básico Clínca
Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de Chile

Auditorio Danko Brncic
Programa de Genética Humana
ICBM, Block C
Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de Chile
Av. Independencia 1027

Admisión Gratuita

12:00O 13:00

Patrocina: Sochigen